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Do you spend too much time on inventory management? Or coordinating your fulfillment? With Xentral, you can bring all your processes into one simple, easy to understand view. Cut down your manual work to almost 0 and automate stock counts, order management and fulfillment.

What is xentral?

Complex Inventory Management, Made Simple

Order Management

Manage all your orders, from all your channels and stores, in one easy to read view with Xentral.

Inventory Management

Sync all your inventory - across all your channels and stores, in one view. Never run out of stock again!

Flexible Fulfillment

From internal to external fulfillment - you can connect Xentral with your carriers or 3PLs. All while lowering shipment costs with distance based order routing.

All Your Contacts - All in One

Seamless contact management - view a customer’s order history, make quotes and create orders in seconds - then jump to your supplier and place a purchase order.

Insights & Reporting

Easily understand and make complex decisions with confidence - reporting built so small businesses can make intelligent decisions every day.

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Some key features for your professional eCommerce

All customer information is stored in a clearly organized manner in the xentral ERP software. Do you need to update information? With the CRM features, your customer data can be quickly updated without complications. The updates will be transmitted simultaneously to all channels.

Simplify your life by updating your article data from a central location instead of going to every single channel. The ERP eCommerce solution from xentral places your articles on the relevant channels like Amazon or eBay. Categories provide for additional structure and organization for your listings on various marketplaces.

How effective were your marketing efforts? Your ERP system has the answer! The software analyzes your eCommerce shop performance data at all times and in real-time. You are kept well-informed about all KPIs and you can see how you can increase your performance.

Sales thresholds cause high costs, but are often avoidable. That is why xentral informs you before you reach a delivery threshold. This allows for cost-efficient shipping for your eCommerce business in a variety of countries and saves you time and money.

xentral automatically checks whether incoming orders have already been paid or not. To this end, the ERP software automatically matches the status of the payment with the respective bank or payment provider. If the payment has not been made, you only have to release it and xentral will initiate the shipping process.

The xentral ERP software maintains an overview of your entire shipping process for you. The visual order stoplight answers your most important questions at any time: Is the product in stock at the warehouse? Has the payment been made? Has the future delivery been approved? That’s how easy goods management in eCommerce can be!

The entire ordering system in one place: xentral organizes your purchasing in a single step. You can view and control requests, orders, deliveries and arrears management with only a few clicks.

With several warehouses, you can quickly lose track of things, but not with xentral ERP! Regardless of whether it's your own warehouse, FBA or fulfiller: the xentral eCommerce software has an eye on your logistics. Save time and see what is going on at your warehouses at a glance.

UPS, FedEx: You can quickly and easily integrate the most important shipping providers into your eCommerce software. You can also easily add other service providers in only a few steps. This flexibility and simplicity are the ideal prerequisites for expanding your eCommerce business!

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All of your eCommerce in only one tool

Xentral simplifies your processes, organizes orders and shipping and provides you important information at any time in an orderly format. That not only increases your team’s efficiency, it also saves you a lot of money.

Do you often travel? With xentral, that’s not a problem. Access your business and company KPIs from anywhere in the world via your laptop and smartphone.

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In eCommerce, data is essential for your performance. You need the right overview to drive your business forward. The most up-to-date reports are available to you at any time on your xentral dashboard. Identify your power sellers and shelf warmers, maintain an overview of your contracts, orders and transactions. Which articles are sent back particularly frequently and why? One look at your dashboard will give you the answer. With the ERP solution from xentral, you have all of the tools you need to improve your eCommerce every day!

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Is your eCommerce business growing? xentral grows with it! Connect new systems quickly and easily, add payment providers or set up your own warehouse and xentral will accompany your growth. Secure maximum flexibility for your business, whether you are testing a new marketplace or want to change the shop system.

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Fast results, simple introduction processes: xentral is the ERP system for the new generation of eCommerce.

Do you want your business to grow but remain flexible? Then xentral ERP is the right system for your eCommerce. Your systems and providers can be connected to xentral quickly and easily and expanded at will. The xentral tools are precisely customized to your company’s needs and save you time and a ton of money. Find out for yourself and test whether xentral meets your eCommerce needs too!

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xentral offers you an easy connection to marketplaces, stores, payment and shipping service providers, accounting systems and more.

If you want to expand your system landscape during the active use of xentral, you can connect additional systems at any time. You will find detailed instructions for each interface in the manual. If something doesn't work the way you want it to, the xentral team is there to support you.

Are you looking for powerful features and don't believe in long implementation times? Then you are just like our more than 1,200 customers from e-commerce, retail, FBA, manufacturing and more who are already using xentral ERP.

The feedback is clear: xentral convinces with its clear structure, comprehensive features and high speed. We are constantly expanding the software and use it internally ourselves. That's how, we alrady know ourselves which wishes we have to fulfill. In the blog, you can find out what xentral experiences other expert entrepreneurs have had.

Our business software will change the way you work. In order for you to thoroughly test how xentral ERP can help you in your daily work, you can test xentral’s full power for one month. After this month, xentral is available for free forever with limited capacity.

You can try out all functions with your own data and get your own impression. If you like xentral, you can continue without any problems and take over all data from your test version. If you have any questions, please contact the xentral experts.

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